900 Degress…in Epping!

900 Degrees Restaurant in Epping NHBy Contributing Author Joe Jennings

In case their grand opening at their second location went somewhat unheard, 900 Degrees is now in Epping. Fantastic. I love the original location in Manchester. The fare is unbelievable. The farm-house style wooden rafters add a rustic nostalgia to the Manchester restaurant, and the staff are always pleasant with great knowledge of their product.

The new Epping location took on a different style of design all together. And a good one at that. As you walk in, there’s stylistic wine-wall, where they’ve taken various wine bottles and interspersed them throughout a light-paneled swooping wall that serves as a divider between the bar and the restaurant. They went with a high-ceiling with metal rafters instead of wood this time. A dark mahogany color, it matches the chairs and walls and therefore doesn’t draw your eye away from the new brick ovens that are in the far wall of the establishment. I love their presentation. You can watch the cooks load your pizza into the oven and cook in that 900-degree heat.

Our waitress was quite nice and introduced us to the new restaurant with a great sense of belonging. We were intrigued by the special of the week which was a pizza called Newton’s Revenge. It sounded like a spicy version of their Donatella pizza and we gave it some thought, but we were set on the House Pizza before we even sat down. The house comes with garlic, sausage, pepperoni, provolone, and their amazing tomato sauce. It seriously reminds me of my great-grandmother’s pizza whenever I eat here. And, yes, she was Italian and did own her own pizza restaurant back in the day.

We also, of course, had to get the meatball appetizer. It’s their best on the menu. Hands down. And they have some great appetizers in their own right. It’s just that no restaurant that I’ve visited has been able to beat theirs. Those things come out with the right amount of sauce and mozzarella on top. But they taste just right. Never dry, but not soggy either, and they have a slightly seared surface as if the meatballs get a quick run through the brick oven to get just the right texture.

All in all, it was a great lunch. I could go on about their meatballs, but I want to point out that this is a new location in Epping, and it’s just as good as the original in Manchester. Sure, the style is a little different, when you look at the aesthetics of the new place, but it’s got the same sense of neighborhood-friendly hospitality with a blend of professional excellence that makes 900 Degrees special. The fact that they’ve done this in a second location is just as impressive. If you haven’t been to either, you need to get to one of these locations. And, why waste gas if Epping’s closer? I’m sure those closer to the coast will appreciate this new addition, halfway to Manchester.

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